"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"

I got to know rainmeter earlier this month. I found the widgets a bit of too much, Core temperature, disk usage and what not. Why would I want to see that every time I turn to my desktop? A big no no. Being a student, I wanted something productive, informative and at the same time something fun.


And thus I came up with this. I find it kind of perfect for working. Distraction free, cool and important tools at hand.

Oh and the search option offers various search engines using the drop down menu!

-Google Search





Like it? Here is how you can set it up on windows:

-Wallpaper : Limbo wallpaper* on deviantart

*( I cropped the wallpaper to get the boy near one side.)

-Notes, tasks, gmail reader and the chrome button which acts as football: Enigma for Rainmeter ( Remember to configure gmail reader in enigma options )

-Date and time: Encoded skin

Search: Omnimo skin ( You can insert quote of the day too using omino. )

-Tabbed dock: Objectdock Plus with Smoke background. This is how it looks like:


-Icons: Ecqlipse 2 icon pack

So that's it. Hope you liked it.

Would love to listen to your thoughts on this.

Queries? Feel free to ask!

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